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Frequently Asked Questions 

May I bring my own food and drinks? 

 No, we do not allow own food, drinks and cooler boxes to be brought onto the property.  We have two beautiful                     restaurants, an Activity Centre that sells chips, sweets, ice creams etc and a Deli with freshly baked goods and more.

May I bring my dogs?

No animal, be it domestic or a wild species is allowed to be brought into Cradle Moon OR removed from Cradle Moon. So NO PETS ARE ALLOWED and are strictly prohibited. Also don’t pick up any animal remains and assume these can be removed, they cant.

Are you wheel chair friendly?

Yes, we have made sure that anyone can come and enjoy the experience.  

What is the conservancy fee?

Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge and other portions of land surrounding Lake Heritage has formed part of a conservancy development called the Cradle Moon Conservancy. This exciting project is the dropping of fences between properties and the introduction of various wild animals.  As is necessary in all Nature Conservancies, a nominal conservancy fee of R 50.00 is required per person 5 years and older will be charged to your room and must be settle in order to get an exit permit.

Does the rate include breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Our rates are bed and breakfast, lunch and dinner will be extra.

Is the rate for the room?

Our rates are charged per person, per night for bed and breakfast.  Children 5 - 12 pay half the adult rate and 0 - 4 are free of charge.

Can we bring a drone?

No drones are permitted to fly here without prior consent from head management.

Can we bring motorized boats, bikes and planes?

Motorized boats, bikes and planes are not permitted to be used on our routes, lake or property.

Can we listen to music while we hike?

We do not allow music from cars, boom boxes or any other device.  We want to conserve the peace and tranquility.

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