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Despite recent social media claims that there is Bilharzia in the Cradle Moon Dam, we have subsequently ascertained that this is impossible. Professor Anne Marie Oldewage of the University of Johannesburg has conducted surveys on our dam eco system and waters over many years and as recent as February 2020. The Professor and her team tested the snails found in our eco system, snails being the main carrier of Bilharzia, and found no trace of any diseases especially Bilharzia. The Professor has also mentioned that our snail population is very small which makes it highly unlikely that we have Bilharzia in our waters. 

The Bilharzia life cycle is extremely complicated, and as such, it is highly unlikely to occur within our particular circumstances. There are however always other potential infections which could produce similar symptoms. 

Furthermore water testing for Ecoli and Enterococci (bacterial indicator) is done on a regular basis before events. 

Requirement for Ecoli is 200cfg / 100ml. Tests done in February at Cradle Moon only had 18cfg / 100ml. Requirements for Enterococci is 500cfg / 100ml. The tests done in February at Cradle Moon indicated none. 


We trust that this will put your mind at ease. 


Thank you 

Cradle Moon Management 

Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge Water Quality Tests 2022

Activity Rates

Bands from Activities Center:

  • Swimming

  • Paddling

  • Fly Fishing

  • Watercraft for hire:

    • Single Kayak​

    • Double Kayak

    • SUP Board

    • Peddle Boat

  • Canoe Rack Storage Hire​

R 70 pp

R 70 pp

R 100 pp

  • 60 min = R 100

  • 90 min = R 150

  • 120 min = R 200

R 1 150 per year

Above rates INCLUDE the R50 Conservation Fee

Please Note: Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge is NOT a self catering venue. No food or drinks may be brought on site.

Above rates DO NOT INCLUDE the R70 Activity Fee

Please Note: Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge is NOT a self catering venue. No food or drinks may be brought on site.


In the heart of the Cradle Moon Conservancy is the spectacular 32 hectare Cradle Moon Lake which is home to numerous species of fish, birds, reptiles and many more!

The clean water of the Crocodile River ensures the lake lends itself to be the best open water swimming venue in Gauteng. Along with the swimmers, paddlers and rowers also frequent the lake for training purposes. The Hi-Tec Water Course is marked by buoys indicating 500m, 1000m and 1500m courses.

With the surrounding trails and central location in the Cradle of Humankind, both MTB and Road Duathletes and Triathletes see this as the ideal training location.  

Activities on Cradle Moon Lake include:

  • Swimming

  • Canoeing

  • Rowing

  • Paddling

  • Stand Up Paddling

  • Fly Fishing

Water Course Layout: